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KHAAS: Mukhwas

Mouth Freshner

Curated with passion over the last decade, KHAAS: Mukhwas has become a must-try Premium Mouth Freshner brand in Hyderabad. Known for our high quality and tasteful products, at Khaas we aim to be your only stop when it comes to healthy mouth freshners.

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All About Us

“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.”

That little extra is Passion. And Passion leads to Vision, Visions give birth to Extraordinary.

Rohit Kauntia, the passion founder of KHAAS Mukhwas’ is centered on the very same ideology of doing something extraordinary, adding that ‘little extra’ in everything that he does.

It was no different when he developed ‘Khaas: Mukhwas’, a range of distinctive healthy mouth fresheners. Mukhwas is home grown brand Made in India.

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